What is Menorah Exam?

Menorah Exam is a professional, internet based Testing Platform, using which you can conduct tests for your aspirants (students or employees). A fast yet easy approach that lets you store your questions and tests on an online testing platform seamlessly.  Simple procedure involved in the creation and assignment of tests with the smooth development of reports.


Considering an example: If in case you want to conduct a test for a group with multiple aspirants. Menorah Exam is the right platform where you can create, distribute and generate scores, to the performed tests efficiently.


Hybrid testing algorithm complemented with optimum security offers suitable environment for taking test whenever and wherever you want to. Although it is an online assessment program, but no additional software or plug in  are required for you (user) and for your users (students).

How to activate a Free Trial account?

You can activate a Free Trial account from Menorah exam’s website.

Click on Sign up option and enter few basic details for creation of your account. Once created the account, input the required credentials and start a new experience the best Online Exam Software.

How to choose the right subscription plan?

Choose your subscription for a particular plan in accordance to your requirements. Think exam offers      a trial, starter, standard, professional and business account categories to its users. However, the user can log on to our website or can get in touch with our sales representative to have detailed information about any of the account types.

How to check the test result and review the performance of the associated students?

Menorah Exam the online exam software will save the calculated test results, that can swiftly be reviewed and exported for further forefront analysis. From the Report section, the user can easily view and export results seamlessly.

List the most commonly used test settings?

Menorah Exam is an online testing platform, offers vivid advance test settings options ;

  • Arrangement and Groupings of Questions and Answers

  • Subject Wise time settings

  • Publish Results and Reports, etc.

What are top ups?

Top ups are add on services that can be used to avail credit packs of  tests, email & SMS matching your requirements valid for a duration of 1 year.are.

What does “Add Student” mean?

The user, i.e. the administrator can also associate students with his account. The admin can add sequential set of students by providing few initial entities for each of the students. However, can add multiple students using an import of excel file.

What are the steps involved in changing the user account (administrator) password?

The user account password will be changed by following the below mentioned steps;

Go to Settings >> User >> Select Admin >> Click on Edit >> Edit User >> Change the password >> Save

How Menorah exam will ensures cheat protection?

Menorah Exam constitutes of special Anti-Cheat features that can be used to avoid cheating in the test paper, for eg:

  1. Grouping
    • a. Shuffle Questions within Subject
  2. Shuffling
    • a. Option wise Shuffling Test Options
    • b. Mandatory to attempt all the questions
    • c. Allow user to move back and forward
  3. Time Settings
    • a. Section wise time
    • b. Automize time for all questions in a test

Will my data on Menorah Exam kept private?

Yes, the uploaded data on Menorah Exam will be secured. The data stored in terms of credentials, tests, products, etc. will be restricted and secured to any external threat. All the data is stored in Encrypted form.

Can I remove my uploaded content from the panel?

Yes, you can easily remove the uploaded content from the panel. This includes the textual matter like subjects, topics, questions, tests , packages, etc. on Think Exam at any point of time.

Is it possible to club a test series (product) and directly associate the created product to a group of aspirants (students)?

Yes, the user can create a Product with multiple tests on this online assessment software. A Product can easily be assigned to a group of applicants.

Refer the below mentioned steps to associate a created Product with the aspirants;

  1. Choose tests and add to a Product
  2. Assign the Product to a group or batch of students
  3. Publish the Product

Is there any limit to add the number of users in a system?

You can add and manage multiple users to your panel. This will help to conduct tests among multiple students depending upon the test attempt limit. The limit to test attempts, will be in accordance with the subscription purchased that can be increased anytime as per the requirements.

Can I create an extra administrator?

The limit to define administrator will be proportionate to the type of account purchased on the online exam software. A trial and a starter account offers  the authority to add 1 admin and for a standard, professional and business account, you can add 2, 3 and 5 admin’s respectively.

The primary administrator can specify the rights and permission to the secondary administrators. Permissions will include the viewing rights, marking schemes and deleting authorizations; Managing Tests and Questions; Managing Users and Assign Tests to be taken and more.

Will I remain the owner of my content that I have uploaded on Menorah Exam?

Yes, you will be the owner of the content that you have uploaded to the portal.

However, Menorah Exam will not take any ownership/ proprietary rights of the content created or uploaded by its users. You can check the initial Terms and Conditions.

Am I allowed to remove the name “Menorah Exam” from the panel?

Menorah Exam offers the provision to full white labeling in the Test Taker Panel, using the Professional or Business subscriptions. White labeling provides you the access to remove the name, logo, etc. from the test taker panel. Furthermore, you can directly get in touch with our support team to use your URL in the Test Taker Panel via sub-domain masking.

How to terminate a subscribed plan?

Once you have subscribed to a particular plan, it cannot be terminated. Moreover, if in case you want to upgrade, you can easily upgrade your account in the sequential account type listed as a trial, starter, standard, professional and business.

Do I need to install any additional software?

No. Menorah Exam the Online Assessment Software does not require any additional software installation.


Tests can be Created and Taken using standard devices that are listed below:

* Computer web browsers

* Smart phones

* Tablets

Does Menorah Exam require plugins such as Flash, Active X or Java?

Plugins like Flash, Active X or Java are not necessary to be installed for accessing Menorah Exam. However, if in case your created test contains video or audio files, then it is mandatory for you and your users to update their computer with a plugin

What is an API and how can I use it to integrate my softwares?

The API (Application Programming Interface) is the set of instructions that will be used to interface the Menorah Exam with third party software and applications. Developers can easily retrieve the up-to-date documentation of the created instructions. For more details you can refer our API document module.

Does Menorah Exam work on an iPhone and/or iPad?

Yes, Menorah Exam works on all major operating systems, web browsers and devices ensure a streamlined  service, that can be accessed hassle-free wherever and whenever you want to.

Menorah Exam is compatible with all the major operating systems including:

- Windows

- Macintosh

- Linux

- Chrome OS / Chromebook

- Smart devices including:

- iPhone

- iPod touch

- iPad

- Android

How to monetize the created test series?

Menorah Exam allows the facility to sell or earn from the tests (monetize).


The selling feature is only available either with a professional or a business account. You can easily upgrade your account to above two accounts, in order to have the monetization of your created tests.


A test taker will first pay online via credit/debit card or using a dedicated coupon code, to attempt the required Online exam.

Payment gateway options; PayPal, PayU money, CC Avenue, Paytm

What are the payment options?

Online Payments are completed using a highly controlled and secured platform. The featured list of pre-integrated payment options are PayPal, PayU money, CCavenue and Paytm.

Further the required payment can be processed using a credit card, debit card, net banking along with a coupon or promo code.

You can  simply initiate the payment gateway by adding your credentials in it.

Can I upgrade from Trial to a paid edition?

You can easily upgrade from a Free Trial account to a paid account (starter, standard, professional and business). For upgrading your account, you can follow the below mentioned steps;


Option : Dashboard >> Subscription >> Upgrade >> Select the account >> Make Payment

How can I download invoice against the purchase or upgrade of an account?

You can download PDF and export to mail a copy of the purchased order. You can follow the below mentioned steps to download a copy of the generated invoice against your payment;

Go to settings >> Payments >> Action >> Download PDF

What is Menorah Exam’s refund policy?

No, we do not offer any refund.

Once you made a payment against a subscribed package (with or without top ups) and later because of any reason you want to discontinue the offered services, Menorah exam will not be able to refund your amount as per our updated payment policy.

Does Menorah Exam stores my card details (credit or debit)?

Menorah Exam does not store or process any credit card information. All transactions are processed through highly secured payment gateway vendors. You can select a pre-integrated payment gateway from PayPal, PayU, CC Avenue and Paytm.

Explain the different status possible in an online transaction?

The aspirant can counter vivid statuses as discussed below;

  1. Initialize
    • a. Not Started: The transaction has not been started yet.
    • b. Initiated/Initial: The transaction has been started but not completed.
  2. Refund Status
    • a. Partially Refunded: A part of paid amount of the transaction has been refunded.
    • b. Refunded: Entire amount of the transaction has been refunded.
  3. Failed
    • a. Bounced:  Incomplete or no details provided on the payment page.
    • b. Failed: The transaction was not completed due to a failure.
    • c. Under Dispute: A dispute for the transaction has been raised.
  4. Successful
    • a. Money with the Wallet: The transaction was successful and the transaction amount is with the wallet money (for eg- PayUMoney)
    • b. Settlement Process: Settlement of the transaction in process.
    • c. Completed: The transaction is settled and completed.

What happens if I reach the testing limit?

Once the offered test attempt reaches to 90% of the limit, you will get a notification through mail to upgrade your plan on your registered email id.

How does Menorah Exam back-up and secure my data?

Menorah Exam has an incremental backup of all data. Our website is hosted  24/7 by highly secured, encrypted Amazon data servers at various international locations to ensure the highest level of security for your data. Our 256-bit encryption provides security to all the passwords when stored on our system. Think Exam does not process/ record/ store your payment details, like credit card numbers.  The transactions are performed using secured third party payment gateway vendors that are PayPal, CC Avenue, PayU, Paytm.

I have subscribed to a paid plan in the past. What happens if I don’t renew it?

Once, you miss the expiry date for renewal of your account. Our sales associate will get in touch with you over the call or on the email, to keep you informed and updated that how to renew the services and avoid termination of the account.

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